Cuneiform Records 2011

Recorded by James Frazee in 2010 at Water Music Studios, Hoboken, NJ; mixed by Damon Whittemore at Valvetone Studios, NY, NY; mastered by Phillip Klum Mastering, NY, NY

First time all four of Gutbucket's composers are represented on disc! Gutbucket takes a new turn - presenting new, long-form material orchestrated in layers of sound. Each band member further defines his compositional voice as the band moves forward together as music that is uniquely Gutbucket. We hope you love it!


1. Fuck You and Your Hipster Tie 2. Zero is Short for Idiot 3. 498 4. d0g Help Us 5. Murakami 6. Tryst n' Shout 7. Said the Trapeze to Gravity (Why Are You So Old?) 8. Give Up // 9-11. Born Again Atheist Suite a. Dyslexic Messiah b. Sacrificial Vegan c. Turning Manischewitz into Wine

GUTBUCKET: A Modest Proposal
Cuneiform Records 2009


Gorgeous 250 copy limited-edition 3-sided 145g VINYL with exclusive bonus track!

Recorded in 2008, our first new studio album in 3 years!
Recorded over a week in Minneapolis at the amazing Terrarium Studios, we brought the disc back here to be mixed by the incredible Joel Hamilton at Studio G in Williamsburg. The CD was mastered by Paul Gold and Phillip Klum, and Paul did the vinyl mastering.

We spared no expense on this thing, and are incredibly proud of the step in the new direction it represents for us. Please buy it and let us know what you think!

A couple vinyl pictures:
Vinyl  Vinyl

1. Head Goes Thud 2. A Little Anarchy Never Hurt Everyone 3. I Am a Jelly Doughnut 4. More More Bigger Better Faster with Cheese 5. Carnivore 6. Doppelganger's Requiem 7. Lucy Ferment? 8. C'Mon It's Just a Dollar 9. Side Effects May Include 10. Brain Born Outside of Its Head

Live at MS Stubnitz Concert DVD

Plattenfroster Records PR001
Recorded 2001-2007, released 2008

The definitive Gutbucket concert DVD; 8 concerts were audio and video recorded LIVE over 7 years from our very first gig outside the United States to shows in Rostock, Germany, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Featuring fantastic live performances of our tunes you know, plus a number of otherwise-unrecorded tracks. With an exclusive interview! The DVD has great audio and video fidelity - and is set up to "all play" in one single listening experience. Packaged in a beautiful DVD Digipak, with notes from the band. Don't miss it! [PAL System: works on all computers and European standalone DVD players.]

1. Insects 2. Revolution for Sale 3. The King of Prussia Has No Soul 4. Part IV (ďAre We There Yet, Whatís for Dinner?Ē Suite) 5. Yoda with Soda 6. Liberation 7. Donít Fall on Dirty Mary 8. Where Have You Gone, Mr. Squeegyman? 9. Snarling Wrath of Angry Gods 10. Its 11. Underbidder 12. Quaaludes & Figs 13. Money Management for a Better Life 14. Punkass Rumbledink 15. Rock n Roll 16. Sludge Test 17. Circadian Mindfuck 18. Interview 19. Tofu Donít Bleed 20. Lucy Ferment? 21. Doppelgänger's Requiem 22. The Plague of the Legions 23. Death by Castanet

Sludge Test

Cantaloupe CA21033 (worldwide)/ NRW Records NRW 2036 (Germany)
Recorded November 2005, released 2006
Read notes on this disc....

Beautiful all-analog (never touched digital!) LP
1. money management for a better life 2. sludge test 3. punkass rumbledink 4. circadian mindfuck 5. throsp% 6. disciplining the fugitive 7. underbidder 8. where have you gone, mr. squeegyman? 9. the plague of the legions 10. danse de la fureur pour les sept trompettes

Dry Humping the American Dream

Cantaloupe CA21021 (USA/UK)/ Enja ENJ-9466 (worldwide)
Recorded May 2002
1. snarling wrath of angry gods 2. dry humping the american dream 3. lift cover, pull cord 4. o.j. bin laden 5. the polka of doom 6. war on drugs 7. should've gone before you left 8. dance of the demented pigeon 9. another world is possible 10. liberation


Knitting Factory 299 (worldwide)
Recorded November 2000
Out of print

1. insects 2. don't fall on dirty mary 3. ornette's computer people 4. revolution for sale 5. song of seasickness 6. sweet tooth, bleeding gums 7. consumption 8. up from the christmas wreckage 9. being questioned about iran contra while eating french onion soup 10. its 11. rock n' roll

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Gutbucket: FLOCK / 498

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Gutbucket: A MODEST PROPOSAL / Head Goes Thud

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